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About Our Logo

About the Artist

Jocelyne Robinson is an Algonquin First Nation of the Timiskaming First Nation in northern Quebec. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts from the Emily Carr Institute in Vancouver, BC and is currently working on her Master’s degree in Education at Simon Fraser University.

About the Logo

The letter “I” emphasizes the human being as one who continually balances the wheel hence the letter “I” forms a figure with arms that seem to turn the wheel. This letter depicts the notion of empowerment and the idea of   the care taker of the universe, and the people.

The PAC text echoes the fluid lines found in native art. The letter “C” in the “PAC” text echoes the moon or cosmos, spiritual mind, universal mind, individual mind. The Medicine Wheel is powered by the mind that is in tune with the cosmic being, the environment in order to experience harmony within them.

The colors and texture in the background of the logo represents the importance of nature in First Nations worldviews. The four cardinal directions are evoked.

The dot on the “I” also evokes the notion of technological designs such as “imac” or dot com era. This also inspires confidence that the physicians are cognizant about technological advancements in medicine. The four squares represent the medicine wheel model.