Improving Indigenous Health Status To The Highest Attainable Level

Wellness Workshop Series

The Metis Life Promotion Framework (MLPF) Wellness Workshop Series was developed by Dr. Judy Bartlett and Sheila Carter. The Wellness Workshop Series is a holistic tool to help us work toward healing and wellness. This simple framework can function at both the individual and societal level to begin to understand where we are now, how we have arrived here, and where it is that we wish to go from here. The framework is intended to support individuals, and potentially a collective such as a community, to look at existing strengths and challenges. It is intended to assist us to assess and evaluate our strengths and areas that are not as strong, and to develop action plans to assist us in achieving healing and well-being. There is information contained in the introduction that describes how the Wellness Areas were developed. You will see that Dr. Bartlett and Ms. Carter drew heavily on the Aboriginal philosophy of Medicine Wheels and principles of behaviour that are likely found within all human groups; sharing, honesty, trust, respect, kindness, caring and humility. These values provided the foundation for developing the MLPF with which you will be working over the next several weeks.

In addition to the introduction, there are eight Wellness Areas in the series. Every few weeks I will post a new unit. After you download it to your computer, work through it at your own pace. There are some things to read, and then some exercises to do. Throughout each unit there will be the opportunity to write your ideas or post questions on the discussion board. There is no requirement to show your work to anyone else; your responses are for your personal reflection.

I hope you enjoy The Metis Life Promotion Framework Wellness Workshop Series and your participation in the development of the Metis Health Workers Support Network. I am looking forward to many spirited discussions online.