Improving Indigenous Health Status To The Highest Attainable Level

Financial Aid

One of the largest barriers to attaining higher education is the financial cost.  Medical school costs $8,000-22,000 per year, depending on where you go, and this is only the cost of tuition.

Many medical students use multiple resources to finance their education.  This may include Canada Student Loans, Student Line of Credit, personal loans, bursaries, and scholarships.

When applying for scholarships, remember the following points:

  • Apply early, apply often, and apply broadly.  You may be surprised by how many awards you are eligible to receive.
  • Remember that small amounts do add up.  While some students are lucky enough large bursaries or full scholarships, many students rely on the help of more modest monetary rewards.
  • Continue to keep an eye out for funding opportunities throughout your medical education.  Many universities have awards are specifically designated to their medical students, and you may not find out about these until are well into medical school.


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Also, check Medical School websites for province-specific scholarship & bursary opportunities.