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Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT)

Most medical schools require that you write the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT), which is a standardized test used across North America.  The test is divided into four sections (Verbal Reasoning, Physical Sciences, Writing Sample, and Biological Sciences), and many medical schools have score requirements in order to be considered for admission.

There are multiple exam sittings throughout the year, which take place in centralized testing centres.  Many students spend a significant but varied amount of time preparing for this test (eg, a month, a summer, a year).  There are many tools available to help you prepare for the MCAT, including online resources, study guides, preparatory courses, and practice exams.


AAMC MCAT Practice Exams –

Kaplan Test Prep –

Oxford Seminars –

Princeton Review –

Popular prep books: Barron’s, Kaplan, Berkeley, Examkrackers, Gold Standard, Ivyhall Review, Nova, PrincetonReview, Student Doctor Network, etc.

You may also want to check out any Pre-Med Student Groups at your University.  There are often informal MCAT study groups happening throughout the year.

Multiple Mini Interview (MMI)

In 2001, McMaster University developed and studied a different way of interviewing prospective medical students.  Since then, many Canadian Medical Schools have adopted this interview format.  Instead of a traditional panel interview, resembling a job interview, candidates rotate through multiple short interview stations designed to assess “soft” skills, such as Ethical Decision Making and Communication Skills.

(Original research: KW Eva, J Rosenfeld, HI Reiter & GR Norman (2004). An admissions OSCE: the multiple mini-interview. Medical Education 38:314-326.)

MMI Fact Sheet (U of S) –

MMI FAQ (McGill) –

MMI FAQ (U of C) –

McGill Caps Sample MMI Questions –

Practice Questions –

University of Calgary Sample MMI Video –

Keep an eye out for any practice sessions happening at your University.  Many Science Student Associations, and even current medical students, arrange “Mock MMI” sessions.  These usually occur early in the year, and often fill up fast!  You may also find it beneficial to practice answering questions with friends and family.  Also, check out the internet for publicly-available practice questions.

Useful Books

Our Stories: How We Became Doctors – Indigenous Physicians’ Association of Canada (available on request)

So, You Want to be a Doctor, Eh? A Guidebook for Canadian Medical School – Dr. Anne Berndl (